Themed Restrooms

Chung-Yo is a department store in Central Taiwan. Its themed restrooms had gotten lots of attention and won many awards.
















Do you have a favorite?

(All photos are taken from Chung-Yo website.)


4 thoughts on “Themed Restrooms

  1. Wow! These are stunning!!

    I love the first one – the idea of the cut out of the woman’s figure in the mirror is brilliant.

    I also like the bathroom with the colorful squares, however, I think they made a mistake with the floor tile. There was an opportunity to do something imaginative there (as they did with the others) and the tiles look too industrial. What do you think??

    • I have heard of those restrooms for years, but I have not had a chance to visit.
      My current favorite is the second one. It feels so luxurious.
      Perhaps they felt the walls were already busy in the colorful one and wanted to keep it simple. I agree they could have done a better job.

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