Design Visualization

Over the years, I have evolved from providing 2D Construction Documents for obtaining Building Permits to introducing varies formats for presentation and documentation.

Here is an example of a partial set of construction documents for new construction:

Designed by Erich Stein Architect

Designed by Erich Stein Architect

Designed by Erich Stein Architect

Designed by Erich Stein Architect

Besides Construction Documents, I also provide drawings for interior design uses such as furniture plans, kitchen design plans, bathroom design plans, tile layouts, etc.

I also do colored plans and material boards:

I started using Google SketchUp to provide basic 3D presentation. This is an effective way to help clients visualize the not-yet-existing spaces. The format can be either still images or walk-through videos.

(Designed by ARKIECO)

(Designed by Geometrix Interiors)

(Designed by Michelle Chiang)

When I was in college, I learned how to draft and sketch by hand. I enjoyed it.

In the real world, I sketched just to communicate ideas. It was nothing formal. Last week, at the last minute, I had to do some sketches for Wendy Weiner Interior Design for a presentation. This is what we ended up with:

I am so out of practice! I need to get back to hand sketching.

Not everyone is cut out to be an interior designer although I had hoped to become one. I am glad to have found my niche working in this industry.


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