Reblog: “Lighting 101 – Lighting Work Surfaces”

Great information on task lighting!

The Texpat Starling

Task lighting or undercabinet lighting is an important part of any modern kitchen or office. Unfortunately it’s done improperly just about as many times as it’s done right. As an example, there’s a popular pin on my Pinterest feed (that I decided not to show or link to) that drives me crazy to look at. According to the pin they didn’t want to interrupt their tile backsplash, so they ran conduit under the counter to keep the lines clean. This also meant they didn’t have to make any weird cuts to the tiles and freed them from having to run wires in the walls that weren’t there to begin with – major savings most likely. Finally, it allowed them to put lots of plugs. All this is very practical. In fact, I think it’s an interesting solution. The picture above is similar except for one crucial detail. They reversed the…

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