Fantasy Pianos

As a pianist, I was so excited when designer Angela Radley invited me to the ASID Los Angeles Chapter event at Steinway Piano Gallery in West Hollywood¬†for a presentation titled “Piano Knowledge for the Design Professional”!

I started taking piano lessons when I was little. Limited by the space, I have never owned a grand piano. It was amazing to see how pianos can be custom-designed to have different ‘looks’. Most of us can only imagine owning one of those unique beauties. Here are some of them from the Steinway website: (clicking on the images will take you to the product pages for more details.)

Henry Z. Steinway

Henry Z. Steinway



150th Anniversary

Sound of Harmony

John Lennon

The S.L.ED by Karl Lagerfeld

There are many more gorgeous pianos on the Steinway website. If you do a search on the Internet, you can find more custom pianos done by Steinway & Sons but not on the official website.

The piano I absolutely love is the beautiful antique piano in the 2007 Taiwanese film “Secret”. I don’t know the maker of the piano, and I don’t think it is a real antique.

(Photo from Mr.J Facebook Page)

The piano is now in Mr.J French-Italian Restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan. The decoration of the restaurant is base on the movie.

I would love to have projects that incorporate pianos into the design. It would be awesome if I get to design a custom piano and the space it is in. What’s my dream piano for myself? I am not greedy. A basic Yamaha baby grand will be wonderful.

Yamaha 5' Grand Piano