Reblog: “You Don’t Need A Drawing”

After working in the industry all these years, I still meet people who don’t want to pay for architects because they are “too expensive”. “I am designing it myself, and I just need a drafter.”

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you need a drawing

This one is inspired by real life events. It is proof that all of us need to educate the public more and more. Dear AIA are you listening?

You don’t need a drawing, trust me.

Actually you need a design service. Yes, the service will yield a set of drawings and specifications that record decisions and directions of what to build.

We all know that buildings, mostly houses, go up each day without architects. However, rarely does one walk into a building with the desire to renovate it and not have any type of written or graphic plan for all of these expensive changes. Remember the Bible parable of counting the cost? You can’t count the cost in your head; you must have something graphic.

Recently I had someone contact me stating someone with their local municipality told them they “needed a drawing” from an architect before they could get a…

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