Chili Oil / Sauce

cooking time: less than 10 minutes
The chili peppers I bought came in a bigger package than I can use fast enough. I came up with this way to use up the peppers.
chopped chili peppers
minced garlic
thinly sliced scallion
  1. heat up oil in a small pan on low heat
  2. add garlic to oil, continue to heat up oil
  3. add scallion and chili peppers to oil after a couple of minutes
  4. after all ingredients are cook through, before the garlic gets burned, turn off the heat, add salt
  5. cool the sauce and store in the jar, keep refrigerated 
  1. heating oil to high heat is not recommended. If high heat is a must, keep the cooking time short.
  2. the oil can be used for dressing oil.
  3. can be used for stir-fry vegetables, meat, or add to noodles or rice.

Eggplant with Chili Sauce


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