Visual Identity Guide

This is a documentation of my journey of creating branding for a local bakery café that desperately needed creative help when COVID-19 hit. I was clueless and had to figure out everything. Many thanks to wonderful professors at Arts Media & Performance at LAMC for their support and encouragement! There is still so much to do. I am not satisfied with what I have done but is thrilled to see some results of my sweat and tear.


The Art of Gift Giving

It is not always easy to know what to gift to show our appreciation. I try to choose something that’s meaningful and suits the recipient. And within my budget.
Arts and Crafts:
Luxurious home fragrances. All the fragrances work with each other beautifully.
These soy candles are soothing. The simply white color doesn’t compete with any decor. 
Beautiful leather flower accessories.
Robot illustrations
Charming leather creations.
Handmade Creations under one roof!
Monthly pop-up shows throughout Southern California
Cultural Experiences:
Museum memberships
tours to local places/events
concert/performance tickets
magazine subscriptions
Food & Beverage:
Le Vert thé (available through White Peony Style in the U.S.)
High quality tea from Taiwan.
Baked goods and desserts from local bakery.

Cake, macarons, and cookie from Belwood Bakery Cafe in Northridge, California.

Time Together:
This is the ultimate gift. The best part is you give and receive at the same time!
No matter what I decide to gift, a handwritten card or note is always a nice touch.

Summer Fruit Bowl

cooking time: 10 minutes – 60 minutes (depending on the amount of fruit)
Perfect for a BBQ/pool party.
2 small seedless watermelons – cut to small bite size pieces
3 ripe mangoes – peel and cut to small pieces
1 pound of strawberries – sliced
10 oz of blueberries
2 lemons – zest and juice
Thai basil leaves – tear into small pieces
Agave syrup – to taste (optional)
  1. mix all fruits.
  2. add basil leaves and syrup to taste
  3. serve cold.
  1. freeze some of the prepared fruits and assemble at the destination.

Braised Beef with Daikon Radish & Carrots


cooking time: 2 hours
beef for braising (bone-in short rib used this time)
daikon radish
ginger – a few slices, smash slightly
chili pepper (optional)
soy sauce
cooking rice wine
water (or broth)
thinly sliced scallion
chopped cilantro
  1. blench the beef, set aside
  2. cut daikon radish and carrots to chucks
  3. heat up pot, add oil, medium heat
  4. add sugar and sliced ginger to pot
  5. add soy sauce
  6. add cooking wine
  7. add beef to the pan, add water to up to half way of the beef, add chili pepper (if desired), cover and turn heat to low.
  8. after 1 hour, add daikon and carrots, braise for another hour until beef is tender and vegetables cooked through
  9. garnish with scallion and cilantro
  1. choose meat that is not lean
  2. depending on the meat, cooking time may be longer.

Shrimp with Clear Noodles


cooking time: 20 minutes
Clear noodles are made from mung beans. It can be cooked directly in broth. Cooking for one can be simple and delicious.
raw peeled shrimps
shrimp shells (optional)
clear noodles
chopped celery
spicy pickled radish (optional)
fried shallot
sesame oil
  1. sautéed shrimp shells with some oil, add water and bring it to boil.
  2. let the shrimp broth simmer for a few minutes, strain and discard the shells. Set aside the broth.
  3. sautéed shrimps. Set aside.
  4. in a soup pot, add shrimp broth, add water if needed.
  5. add pickled radish and celery to the pot.
  6. when the soup come to a boil, add clear noodles.
  7. when noodles are soft and turn clear, turn off heat, place noodle soup in serving dish.
  8. add shrimps
  9. garnish with fried shallot, cilantro, and sesame oil.
  1. additional vegetable can be added to the soup prior to adding noodles
  2. fried shallot can be bought at Asian markets or make it at home
  3. instead of clear noodles, shirataki (Japanese yam noodles) can be used as another gluten-free option.