2022 Holiday Gift Guide

At the end of the year, we love to express our gratitude and good wishes with gifts to people around us. Here are some online art and design gifting options. These gift ideas work throughout the year for all occasions.

Send Cards

It is so joyful to receive a card with a personal message. For those of us who can’t quite make our own cards, there are wonderful artisans who help us to say what we want to say. 

  • Playa Paper Handcrafted paper goods. All cards include postage.
  • Pretty by Post Curated greeting cards for snail mail lovers available as single collections or subscription.
  • Project CELEBRATE FREE digital cards designed by Michelle Chiang.

Artist & Artisans

Many artist and artisans have wonderful gifts for sale.

  • Andres Palos Andres Palos is a Los Angeles based digital and film photographer. Prints are available in different sizes and frame options on this website.
  • Ira Meyer Ira Meyer photographs the amazing sceneries and animals of Antarctica and the Arctic.
  • J&S MakeScents Hand poured soy wax candles.
  • Leather E 100% handcrafted leather hair accessory & jewelry.
  • Matt Spangler Matt Spangler is an artist who draws robots. His website has prints, original arts, and merchandise available. 


Books are the most versatile gifts. Instead of ordering online, visiting a physical bookstore offers a sense of adventure. You may find things unexpected.

Museum & Gallery Stores

Museums and galleries often have online stores that cater to art lovers.

Other Ideas

With some imagination and planning, this gift can be memorable without necessarily costing a lot of money. It could be a trip to a museum, a self-guided architectural walking tour, an art/craft class, a spring picnic at the park, etc. The options are limitless. You can create a ‘gift certificate’ to be redeemed after the hectic holiday season. 

Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Guide by Elemental Green

Elemental Green has gathered some of our favorite eco-friendly products to help infuse your home with healthier, more-sustainable gift-giving ideas. Whether you are looking for something for loved ones or dropping hints about a special treat for yourself, we are continually curating this list with fresh products that members of our team have vetted, tried, and recommended enthusiastically.


Design Horror Stories: Unprofessional Attitude – 2

There is this one designer I constantly saw at trade events. I could recognize her because she always carried her dog in her arms. That poor thing seemed to have given up and never made a sound or move. Besides being unprofessional, isn’t this a kind of animal abuse?

Sales representatives also have stories of designers behaving badly. They lack respect for other professionals in the trade and often demand to be accommodated. One example is some designers do not draw out tile layouts and calculate quantities. They buy more than necessary (with the clients’ money) and insist on returning the excess. Most tile stores do not accept returns unless the products are defected. It is possible the refund did not get credit back to the clients.

Some people just have problems being prompt. Once I referred an engineer to a residential renovation project. He connected to the homeowner and made an appointment to visit the jobsite. I was shocked when the homeowner called me and said the engineer missed the appointment with no explanation. We were concerned if anything bad had happened. It turned out there was no good reason.


I chose “CELEBRATE” as my word of the year for 2022. I simply felt we didn’t put in enough effort in celebrating what we have. After some thinking, I decided to make e-cards available to spread the love!


Please check out the CELEBRATE page on this website. You can save the images or go to the OneDrive link and download the cards you like. Use them in emails, texts, and personal social media. The collection will continue to grow. Please check back often. These images are for personal use only. 

My multimedia journey started in 2020. I quickly found my desire to express beauty in this world. I am still new to graphic design and illustration. Hopefully this project will help me develop my skills while providing others a way to express their feelings and spread positive energy. 

Design Horror Stories: Poor Finance Management

A designer I had known for many years contracted with me for drafting for a few projects. I believed her when she wasn’t able to pay a couple of invoices and continued providing my services. One day we had a falling out and terminated our working relationship. At the end, there were 5 unpaid invoices added up to over US$3,000. I have been sending her reminders regularly for many years and not receiving any money. 

I do not understand why a reputable seasoned designer cannot prioritize taking care of team members. I guess it was my fault to trust her since this was not the first time she owed me money. I learned my lesson that when it comes to business, it is important to stay on top of money. Fortunately, this is the only person I have had money issues with  in over 20 years.