As a design professional, I feel it is important to market my own style.  There are tons of people with the same design and drafting skills I have, and many are more advanced and experienced than me, but nobody has the exact same style as mine.

My style reflects on all aspects of my life: the food I eat, the clothes I wear, the TV program I watch, the things I collect, the music I listen to, the places I visit, …etc.  Marketing my own style is what I call ‘branding’.

Like many designers, my business is simply an extension of myself and my individual ‘brand’.  My style dictates how I operate my business.  I believe when designers ‘brand’ themselves, they will attract the clientele that is suited for them.  As my business expand, a clearly defined brand image will attract the right talent to work with me.

I am not there yet.  But I look forward to the day people in the industry see ‘MICHELLE CHIANG‘ and immediately think hardworkingdedicated, honest, ethical, and intelligent. I also don’t mind to be known as ‘the woman with killer hair‘. 😉


5 thoughts on “‘MICHELLE CHIANG’ is a Brand

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