My Recipe for Successful Job Hunting

Job hunting is a form of art that requires planning and preparation. A job is not hard to get. But one needs to be a good hunter to get a job that encourages growth and builds a bright future.


  • Phone Number (with an answering service)
  • E-mail Address (keep professional)
  • Resume
  • Business Cards
  • Portfolio (in different formats)
  • LinkedIn Profile (with a professional-looking profile photo)
  • Website/Blog
  • Ever-growing Network of Industry Contacts


  1. Analyze strength and weakness; figure out target positions and company types.
  2. Adjust ingredients listed above to showcase strength and to appeal to target employers.
  3. Search online job listings and send resume with cover letter/message tailored to each job.
  4. Research potential employers in desired area. is a good website to check out local professionals.
  5. Connect with professionals on LinkedIn if possible; Always add a personal message when sending LinkedIn Request.
  6. Prepare “Elevator Speech”
  7. Always look good; smell nice, and SMILE.
  8. Attend trade events to horn social skills and adjust your appearance; Always have business cards ready.
  9. After each event, review business cards collected and make notes on back of cards.
  10. Email new contacts as a follow-up of the event.
  11. Allow more-than-enough time before each interview; Never be late
  12. Be prepared to ask questions at each interview.
  13. Follow up after each interview
  14. Repeat above steps (in any order) as necessary.


  • Good English is the key. Practice speaking clearly and write with correct spelling and grammar.
  • There is only one chance to make the first impression, so always look put together.

  • People in the business talk to each other; Always be on your best behavior.

  • Avoid any form of business communication when feeling angry, sad, depressed, irritated, sick, or tired.


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