Grow Your Design Business

Over two years ago, as I was trying to manage and grow my business, I discovered that Hunter Douglas has a series of CEU (Continuing Education Units) seminars on business management and development and all the topics were what I was interested in!

The speaker for my area is Shelley DeVall. She is absolutely wonderful! Shelley is passionate about the program. Having owned a successful business before, Shelley really knows the in’s and out’s of managing a business. Besides business fundamentals, the program also incorporates utilizing technology for business. Susan Leinen is the speakers for subjects covering the Internet and Social Media. After meeting Susan, I have had the pleasure to work with her on designing the website for Conejo Association of Professional Interior Designers (CAPID), an organization I belong to. We are now partners for the Social Media Coaching program.

To date, I have attended most of the seminars at least once. The contents are constantly updated, so I always learn something new. My business is always changing, so I get different inspirations even when I take the same class for the second or the third time. This program pushes me to constantly think about my business and examine it from different aspects. Knowing information and resources are available to me, I am no longer afraid of or stressed out about the business side of design. For a small business like mine, it is truly beneficial to have such a program available. There are so many classes on products, but most designers also need help on business management and development. The classes are tailored for design businesses. Since most of the attendees are designers, we support each other by discussing problems and offering tips. I highly recommend this Design Center Program to anyone who wants to thrive in business.

I take most of these classes at Drapery Affair – Floor to Ceiling Interiors in Ventura, California. They have made a great effort to make the showroom a learning and support center for designers. The classes are very affordable. Everyone at the showroom is helpful and knowledgeable.

Just to clarify, I did not get paid from any business mentioned above. I am thankful for the program and want to have more people be aware of it so it will stay around and continue to be better.