Feel-Good Shopping

I love shopping for things I don’t need! It makes me feel less guilty if I can attach some meanings to my purchases. Now the holiday season is approaching, I thought I would share some of my resources.

For Charitable Causes:
Many companies offer products that part or all of the profits will be donated to or used for charitable causes.

Every year in October, the company comes out with a limited-edition, ‘Power of Pink’ jewelry to support Breast Cancer Research and Awareness. This year, it is a bracelet. $5 is donated for each bracelet sold.

2012 Power of Pink Bracelet

2012 Power of Pink Bracelet

Viva Glam was introduced in 1994. Sales from Viva Glam lipsticks and lip glosses support the M.A.C AIDS Fund. This collection has had many celebrity spokespeople. There are many color to chose from. The Viva Glam I is my favorite.
M.A.C Viva Glam I

“PUNJAMMIES (by International Princess Project) are created in after-care facilities for women who have been rescued, released or escaped from a life of forced prostitution.” These women’s drawstring pajamas are comfortable and cute.

Vera Bradley
The company established Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancerin 1998 and contributes approximately $1 million annual.y from the sale of their products.  Certain colors are dedicated to the cause. The newest one is ‘Ribbon’. Isn’t it pretty?

Vera Bradley Ribbons


From Small & Local Businesses:
We all know small and local businesses give back to their communities. Also, the products are often unique and can be customized.

Soapy Soaps
Soapy Soaps makes small batches of cold process handmade soaps. They also make lotion bars, lip balms, and face creams. People instantly warm up to me when I hand them my customized signature soaps for my business. I keep a stash of Soapy Soaps products on hand. It is great when I am invited to a party at the last minute, or when people do something nice and unexpected for me.

Signature Soap by Soapy Soaps

Signature Soap

From Local Artists:
I am attracted to works by local artists. Even though I don’t often purchase, browsing through art shows always make me feel inspired. I enjoy chatting with the artist and share their passion.

Calabasas Fine Arts Festival
This annual event takes place the first weekend of May.
Calabasas Fine Arts Festival

Studio Channel Islands Art Center
The center has about 40 artist studios. The first Saturday of every month is ‘Open Artists Studios’. Many artists offer classes at their studios. There is also a Gallery.

Studio Channel Islands Art Center

Gallery at Studio Channel Islands Art Center

The Los Angles Brewery
This is one of the largest art colonies in the world. Twice a year, the public can visit the studios at The Brewery Art Walk.
The Los Angeles Brewery



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