[Ask Michelle] Renovation Project Mistakes

What’s the Most Common Mistake People Make with Renovation Projects? 
Definitely not budgeting enough time and/or money. It always takes longer and cost more.
It’s best to start interviewing design professionals as soon as you are considering a project. Experienced design professionals and help you with determining the budget and time line. Even for a DIY project, paying for a consultation session with a professional can save you time and money.
When it comes to money, I suggest setting aside additional 5% – 10% of your project budget as the “emergency fund”. Almost always, “unforeseen circumstances” occur during the construction process. If it turns out the extra money was not used, it’s yours to keep!
For best results, you should allow a minimum of 2 – 3 months for planning and designing for a small project. Large projects require more time for designing. No matter how experience the designer is, each project is unique and require time for study and research. You also want to explore different options and make the educated decisions.

Social Media Coaching – August 13

Our third and last Social Media Coaching workshop took place on August 13, 2013. We want to thank once again Archer Weiss  for providing the space.

Social Media Coaching

It is important to provide some refreshments to keep the attendees going!

This time, we took on Facebook. My personal social media experience started with Facebook. I believe it still has the most users compared to other websites. Facebook has a lot to offer for businesses. Susan Leinen explained to the class how Facebook works, clarified some privacy concerns, and offered some tips on how to plan our time for social media marketing.

Social Media Coaching

Ready to start!

Social Media Coaching

Marc Weiss welcomed the class and briefly introduced the company.

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We concluded our 2013 summer series on a high note! Our attendees were satisfied what they took away from the workshops. We are looking forward to continue to grow and expand our Social Media Coaching program.

Take Control of the Business!

It seems so common that self-employed designers work day and night, weekdays and weekends. Many designers feel obligated to be available whenever and wherever their clients need them. Not me! I figured I had to take control before I go insane.

Having regular business hours was important to me. People can call, fax, and/or email me Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Meetings outside business hours must be pre-arranged. Although I work from home, I make an effort to be in office by 9, properly dressed with hair and makeup done. This way, I look forward to the end of day to get off work, and I look forward to weekends to enjoy my personal life.

Another compliant I hear from designers is they can never find time to learn new technology, go to seminars, or attend industry events. Well, you don’t find time, you MAKE TIME. I do spend part of my business hours doing things that do not bring profit but are important, i.e., lunch with a colleague, networking, and hanging out at some trade events. Unless absolutely necessary, I will not replace those appointments with last-minute client meetings.

I take my one-person operation seriously. Some may think I am inflexible. I believe I function the best when my business is structured.