[Guest Post] How to Get Your Art Noticed

Photo Credit: Eddy Klaus via Unsplash under License

Getting Started

The art business is notoriously tough to break into. Getting your art noticed by art galleries, potential employers and art enthusiasts requires a lot of hard work, the right platforms and persistence. Building up your portfolio, creating a strong social media strategy and online art presence, and making connections are the key steps to gaining recognition for your art.


Harness Social Media

These days, social media is one of the most effective ways to get your name out in the world as an artist. The right social media strategy can make all the difference in how many people view and share your artwork. Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are all excellent tools for promoting art.

Think carefully about the content you post. You need to give people a reason to follow you in the first place. Post content that you don’t have on your blog or website, like beginning sketches or the first stages of home sculptures and home paintings. Works in progress are a great way to let fans see your artistic process.

But posting good content isn’t the only part of a good social media strategy. Interaction is key. If you want to gain followers, you need to actually get involved in the online art community. Follow accounts similar to yours, leave comments and ‘likes’, and you may find yourself gaining much more followers. It’s also a good idea to join online communities exclusively devoted to posting art online and connecting with other artists. DeviantArt – the largest online social community for art enthusiasts and artists – is a prominent example.


Build Your Portfolio

Every artist should have a media kit with a portfolio. If you want your artwork noticed by the curators of art galleries, you need to build up a substantial and impressive body of work. Without it, there is not much chance you will be taken seriously.

As most artists know, the art world is very competitive and you must stand out to be noticed. Your media kit should accurately represent who you are as an artist, and should include a portfolio of your artwork, an artist statement, a brief biography, your press releases, published articles, and an artist business card and brochure.

Photo Credit: NeONBRAND via Unsplash under License


Interior Design

Targeting the art gallery market is not the only way to go. There are other ways to sell your art and get exposure. The interior design market is a great example of a massive industry that is always in need of new art. Interior designers are constantly in need for home paintings and home sculptures.

Before approaching designers, do research to make sure their work is in sync with your own, then put together a wide array of pieces for them to choose from. If they find the piece they’re looking for, they won’t mind if you lack experience and training.

Interiorart designers often hang around studio tours, art shows and art galleries – from where you can also gain inspiration. Remember, connection and interaction is essential to getting noticed in the art world. Going out to these places is a great way to meet potential interior designers, employers, art lovers and other artists.


Harper is an Auckland-based freelance writer who loves discussing home and lifestyle topics. She has enjoyed the privilege of writing content for local businesses such as Sea Containers. Harper keeps her home simple by choosing minimalistic décor and design. You can find more of her written work on her Tumblr page: Harper Reid.



2 thoughts on “[Guest Post] How to Get Your Art Noticed

  1. Harper,
    Excellent post and suggestions! You touched on the interior design trade. I believe this is an excellent market for artist to pursue.
    Passion for what you do and creating excellent work aside.

    To “Focus on the Power of ONE” is an idea that has brought me more and better clients. This will work for artist also.

    Do this and you will become the go to artist for you market segment.

    Focus on One Market and One Medium and style for that market.

    How to do it:
    1.Your Market: Define The type of customer you want to work with. Narrow it down. Get really clear on the market you want to serve, who your client is and what matters to them.

    2. Your Story: Develop and refine your personal story and what makes you unique or easy to work with etc. (in your story clarify WHY you do what you do and for WHOM you do it)

    3. Your Specialty: Focus on one medium of art and style for that market e.g. Oil on canvas for interior designers in your local market that cater to high-end residential clients looking for contemporary oil on canvas.

    It might look like this:
    Let say you that you specialize in oil paint on canvas.
    Not any oil paint on canvas but abstract.
    Not just Oil paint on canvas that is abstract but is contemporary.
    Not just Oil Paint On Canvas that is Abstract, Contemporary but, only Black and white.

    If you have narrowed and identified your market; Let’s say, high-end residential designers in your local market for example.
    If everything you do, post or write is focused on just that market and your niche you will be The Go-To Artist for that group of clients.

    You will make more and easier sales and get more customer referrals.

  2. Amazing post!!! I want to become a great artist because its my passion and thanks for the advices..I will try to do those…great post and thanks alot!! It will help a lot

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